Yesterday, 27th October, the Portuguese Parliament approved by a large majority, with only the abstentions of CDS and Chega, the text prepared by the Health Commission of the AR, which recommends the Government update and implement the National Strategic Plan for Telehealth (attached).

The SITT: Sociedade Ibérica de Telessaúde e Telemedicine intends to support, promote and develop the practice of these activities in the countries where it is represented, so it has always been considered as a priority the enlightened and committed involvement of the political power in the implementation of Telehealth, something that has become even more urgent with the emergence of the pandemic.

It was in this sense that the SITT prepared a document/proposal to be presented to the parties represented in the Portuguese Parliament, having met several times with the PS, PSD, and PCP to make their views known and to technically support the creation of the Health Commission proposal which has now been taken to the plenary and approved.

With great satisfaction, SITT sees this vital step in the affirmation of Telehealth and Telemedicine as an integral and crucial part of more accessible, quick, safe, and effective Health, promoting equity and at the service of citizenship.

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