ULS Coimbra is the first in the country to subscribe to the world’s best clinical decision support tools



ULS Coimbra is the first unit in Portugal to subscribe to BMJ BestPractice and its Comorbidities Manager, considered one of the world’s best clinical decision support tools for healthcare professionals. BMJ Best Practice provides step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, treatment and prevention and is updated daily using a robust methodology based on evidence and expert opinion.

Alexandre Lourenço, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ULS Coimbra, emphasises that “ULS Coimbra is keen to provide its healthcare professionals with tools to help them in their work, in order to ensure the high quality and differentiation of the healthcare we provide”. “As research, scientific knowledge and innovation are areas that we favour in all our health units, we couldn’t fail to make this tool, one of the best in the world, available to our teams,” he emphasised, adding that BMJ Best Practice “will be available to all health professionals, from all the units, at ULS Coimbra”.

“In this new Local Health Unit model, which aims to increase proximity and the integration of responses, the use of tools that allow us to optimise resources makes even more sense,” says Cláudia Nazareth, Clinical Director of the ULS Coimbra, adding: “for this reason too, but especially because we know that BMJ Best Practice will help our team to provide better healthcare, we are pleased to make this tool available to our professionals, especially when we are the ones who need it.

this tool to our professionals, especially when we are the first in the country to do so.”

For Helena Donato, Director of the Documentation and Scientific Information Service at ULS Coimbra, “giving our healthcare professionals access to BMJ Best Practice to support their clinical practice is a way of providing them with a very useful tool that will help them respond to the complex and constantly evolving needs of patients. It’s also a way of maximising resources and consequently providing better care, with better results for our patients.”

To ensure that the tool reaches everyone and is used correctly, BMJ Best Practice provided ULS Coimbra professionals with an online “Introduction to BMJ Best Practice and the Comorbidities Manager” course, so that they could better understand how the treatment algorithms and the Comorbidities Manager can help in the different stages of care provision. The training took place on 1 February and was attended by around half a thousand health professionals from this Unit